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"In a Perfect World, Every Home Would Have a Dog, and Every Dog Would Have a Home!"

Stop Bad Behavior Immediately
With this Safe, Humane Method

No CAN Do Behavioral Training Kit for Dogs

  • Chewing
  • Barking
  • Door Charging
  • Digging
  • Jumping on People
  • Jumping on Furniture
  • Biting, Growling
  • Agressive Behavior

By following the simple instructions provided, you will know how to effectively stop you dog's unwanted behavior.


Our Mission

"To save as many of our loving canine companions as possible from the terrible fate of being abandoned, given up to shelters or worse.... because of bad behavior dog owners don't know how to control!

Pet Population Statistics

Over 96% of dogs given up by owners to shelters had not received any obedience  training.  (National  Council on Pet Population 2007/2008). Because the majority of dogs do not receive training, sadly, millions of potentially great dogs are euthanized each and every year in the US, simply because no one took the time to train them! 
 The No CAN Do Behavioral Training Kit was developed for exactly this reason.  Even if a dog has not been formally trained to sit, stay, heel, etc.; we have found that dog owners will keep a dog if they can find a solution to stopping the dog's most annoying or destructive behavior.

Pet Industry Demographics

· Americans spend over $41 Billion a year on their pets. It is expected to reach $52 Billion in the next two years (Business Week, Aug 6, 2007)

· 80 million households own pets.

· 63% of total US Households own at least one pet (Pet Manufacturers Association).

About Dogs

One of the most fascinating facts about dogs is that they have the capacity to read our facial expressions and behavior better than any other mammal on the Planet, including chimpanzees, who share 98% of our DNA!

Human Beings have had a close relationship with dogs for over 12,000 years.

They've stood beside us herding sheep, hunting, carrying heavy loads, fighting with soldiers during war, apprehending criminals, doing search and rescue after a disaster..... Guiding the blind and the handicapped, detecting bombs in airports, even detecting cancer and epilepsy!

Dogs have evolved in the company of humans and cannot exist without us.

We are their caretakers and in return, they work for us, protect us, and give us unconditional love.


The B.A.R.K Program

Better Animal Responsibilty for Kids
Teach Your Elemenatary & Middle School Kids Resposible Pet Ownership with this Fun, Interactive Program on DVD!

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Our Canine Family


Nikita Shiloh of Red Sunset
"Our ALPHA Boy"
1996 - 2009
(In Loving Memory)


Lola White Socks


Apollo God of the Sun


Boris Puchak Cantu
(In Loving Memory)



Officer Mike Says:

"Don't Forget to Give Us Praise
Everytime That We Behave"


The Behavioral Training Kit Includes:


Three Deterrent Containers


Fifteen Industrial Glass Marbles (Five for Each Container)


Twenty-two page Instructional Booklet


Bonus Training DVD



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